CocoWhey 12-Pack

“The isotonic protein drink”

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foodspring CocoWhey 12-Pack
CocoWhey 12-Pack
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12 x 330ml
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(70.45 kr/1000 ml) Incl. VAT & plus shipping
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Real coconut water
No concentrate, no additives
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Whey protein isolate
From grazing cows
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Great after exercise & yoga
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Protein for on the go
No mixing – just drink it
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Made in Germany
With highest quality standards

Coconut water (47%), water, whey protein isolate (7%), acidulant (phosphoric acid), natural flavoring, sweeteners (steviol glycoside, sucralose)

Nutritional information per 100ml per 330ml
Energy 141kJ / 33kcal 459kJ / 109kcal
Fat 0g 0.03g
of which saturated fatty acids 0g 0g
carbohydrates 2.2g 6.9g
of which sugar 1.8g 5.6g
protein 6.1g 20g
Salt 0.04g 0.23g

Protein drink with coconut water and sweeteners.


A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential. Not suitable for people with the following allergies: whey protein isolates.

Dosage & Preparation

Simply shake and enjoy. Our CocoWhey tastes best when chilled to (+) 2–5°C.
After a workout or yoga session. In the summer. When your body needs energy. Or when you fancy something sweet. Our CocoWhey tastes best chilled. Make sure to give it a good shake before you drink it so that you get to enjoy the full protein boost.

Our CocoWhey tip

CocoWhey gives green smoothies an extra protein boost plus vital nutrients, sweetness and a touch of the exotic. A unique taste experience and optimised nutritional content.

Recommended times
  • Between meals
  • After training
Average customer review


Lo trovo semplicemente buonissimo


Upplevde att det blev för sött att göra smoothie av men är säkert jättegod och läskande att bara dricka som den är.

Super rinfrescanti

Oltre ad essere super buono e rinfrescante, ogni volta che lo bevo sento subito le energie che ritornano! Sicuramente le comprerò di nuovo

fantastico prodotto

La bibita in sè è ottima e rinfrescante, ideale per l'estate. 4 stelle poichè la consegna era un po' in ritardo, ma comunque ottima bibita proteica

great drink for summer

it was my first time with this brand but i can say that i made the right choice. This protein drink is just super refreshing and tasty. I'm taking it as post work out drink


Questa bibita proteica vale il prezzo. Appena lo bevi capisci subito che gli ingredienti sono di altissima qualità. Non è facile trovare drink proteice per l'estate che siano rinfrescanti, per cui questo è unico nel sup genere, perfetto per gli allenamenti estivi

cold best

cold very delicious

Just great

My new favorite after workout.

good but

Tastes good, but the price is a little to high for me.


Like it very< much, though a mixture of all flavours would be even better. Think about it.

1 / 2

General information about CocoWhey

Coconut water with protein is refreshing, isotonic and rich in protein. Our CocoWhey combines Caribbean flair and natural taste with real health benefits. Each portion contains 20 g of protein. Perfect after a workout. Excellent for weight lifters and endurance athletes.

You won’t even need a shaker as it comes in the practical tetrapack carton. That is why our coconut water with protein is also perfect for on the go.

Coconuts have been known as a source of natural energy and vitality for centuries. They are a common staple in many regions of Asia: Fresh coconut water, coconut oil, coconut in cosmetics products, coconut as a traditional homeopathic remedy. The list of uses for coconut products is long.

Our CocoWhey is a perfect sports drink. Our coconut water is full of minerals, electrolytes and healthy carbohydrates. They supply the body with essential nutrients and help you to overcome performance lows and regenerate faster. An additional portion of high-quality whey protein is beneficial for your fitness.

For our coconut water, we use real coconut water from green coconuts that are processed right after harvesting. You are guaranteed maximised freshness and absolutely no added sugar or artificial flavourings. We do not use coconut water from concentrate.

Why CocoWhey?

We wanted to create a drink that is isotonic and rich in protein. One that would supply your body with minerals and protein and helps you to regenerate quicker after a workout. But it should also be a drink that is uncomplicated and delicious.

We went ahead and researched, tested and tried out a variety of recipes and raw materials. An isotonic drink, whey drinks and a combination of both – but we were never really satisfied. Traditional sports drinks are usually full of chemical additives. After many disappointing experiments, we decided to go look in nature for what we needed. That’s when we found coconut water.

Why complicate things if there is an easy solution? The water of young coconuts naturally satisfies 50% of our requirements: It is full of natural minerals and is already isotonic – plus it has been established for centuries as a valuable and healthy drink in its growing regions.

And the other 50%? We have found those right here at home. Premium quality whey protein from the milk of 100% plant-fed grazing cows is the perfect protein boost between meals or after a workout.

The combination of our whey protein and the water of young coconuts brings together two very high-quality, completely natural raw materials. Together, they make the most natural isotonic protein drink you can get. That’s why you should buy CocoWhey.

Highlights of CocoWhey by foodspring

  • Pure coconut water from young coconuts
  • Premium whey protein from the milk of grazing cows
  • Free of artificial flavourings
  • Naturally isotonic

The Benefits of CocoWhey

CocoWhey combines coconut water and whey protein ToGo. During stressful phases of our lives, we often fail to take in sufficient amounts of protein.With CocoWhey, that is no longer a problem. Our coconut water with protein in the tetrapack is uncomplicated, easy to carry and super practical. CocoWhey is just what you need if you are travelling light and can’t take your shaker, protein powder and water with you.

Our CocoWhey supplies the body with essential vitamins and minerals. The combination of naturally isotonic coconut water and high-quality whey protein is the perfect choice for athletes of any discipline

How CocoWhey is made

We use only young coconuts from Thailand in our CocoWhey coconut water with protein. They are processed right after harvesting to keep the coconut water as fresh as possible. That is how we can guarantee an optimised nutrient content. Processing the coconuts right way also allows us to forego adding any sugar or chemical flavourings.

We also insist on quality harvesting and firmly distance ourselves from the practice of using trained monkeys. Our coconuts are instead harvested by human pickers, who select and harvest the coconuts responsibly. One tetrapack contains ⅓ fresh, young coconut.

Using CocoWhey correctly

CocoWhey as a post-workout drink

Right after a workout means before you have had time to mix a shake. You don’t have to mix CocoWhey at all. It comes ready to drink in a practical tetrapack. Just shake the tetrapack, open and drink it right after your workout. CocoWhey ensures a sufficient supply of protein right after a workout.

Protein ToGo

Don’t feel like carrying your shaker with you everywhere you go? Feel like a sweet drink but don’t want to have lemonade? Coconut water with protein is super practical to take with you, quenches your thirst and satisfies your sweet tooth all in one. CocoWhey is also your best bet if you are on the go and need to replenish your protein stores. It is a perfect drink for muscle building and muscle definition phases.

Smoothies with CocoWhey

CocoWhey is a wonderfully refreshing and exotic ingredient for smoothies. Just one pack delivers essential minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium. Green smoothies with coconut water have a delightful sweetness and a touch of the exotic. No need to limit your creativity with this ingredient! Try out new recipes and discover your very own favourite smoothie mix with CocoWhey.

CocoWhey for coconut muesli

CocoWhey in muesli? Really? Sounds strange but tastes delicious! Want to start your day at full power? Try CocoWhey in your muesli! An all-round care-free recipe for an energy-filled start to the day! The mix will give you the healthy carbohydrates you need and plenty of protein to kick-start your day.

Healthy coconut ice cream with CocoWhey

Feel like something sweet? Everybody gets a hankering sometimes. Now you can make your own super healthy, protein-rich ice cream with CocoWhey by foodspring. Just fill some ice cream moulds with CocoWhey and add your favourite fruits. Leave to freeze overnight – and enjoy! Coconut water with protein and fruit is delicious, refreshing and a lot healthier than traditional ice creams.

Frequently Asked Questions
Coconut water and whey protein – how does that fit together?

Coconut water is isotonic. It delivers vitality. Coconut water can help overcome performance lows. Whey protein is good for the muscles – that is nothing new. The combination of directly metabolisable carbohydrates and premium protein supplies the body with what it needs during arduous phases and after workouts. And: It tastes incredibly refreshing. For the body and mind.

Does the whey protein in CocoWhey work just like a regular shake?

Yes. The whey protein in CocoWhey is just as efficient like your home-made protein shake. The advantage: You don’t have to mix anything and don’t even have to carry your shaker. Just pack it, take it, shake it and enjoy!

What makes CocoWhey better than all the generic recovery drinks?

Most generic recovery drinks are based on artificial ingredients. There is a better way. Therefore, we went ahead and tested, tasted and experimented. And we found what we were looking for: coconut water and premium whey protein from the milk of grass-fed cows. The combination makes CocoWhey so unique.

Does the protein get lumpy in the CocoWhey?

No. We use only the purest whey protein isolate, which is so clear that it is almost invisible. But since it is a natural protein without any artificial additives, it will certainly not do any harm to give it a little shake before drinking. Then you will definitely enjoy the full benefit of the protein content. Refreshingly pure – no milk taste.

Do you use concentrate in your CocoWhey?

No. We use 45% coconut water from young coconuts for our CocoWhey. The coconut water is processed on the day the coconuts are harvested and it is then sent to Germany as quickly as possible. That way you receive maximum fresh coconut water.

Does your CocoWhey contain sugar?

The coconut water from young coconuts contains naturally occurring sugar. We don’t add any more sugar to it.

Why do you use whey from grazing cows?

Because we believe in 100% quality. For the good of people and animals. Grass-feeding is not just important for the welfare of the cows – it also improves the quality of their milk. Milk from grass-fed cows often contains a lot more healthy omega-3 fats than the milk from battery cows.

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