Protein Cookie 12-Pack

“The most delicious fitness-friendly cookie”

  • Protein Cookie 12-Pack
  • Protein Cookie 12-Pack
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Ingredients (Protein Cookie Chocolate Chip)

wheat protein (18%), wheat flour, sweeteners (maltitol, xylitol), whey protein (from milk) (11%), chocolate chips (11%) (sweetener (maltitol), cocoa mass, emulsifier (soy lecithins), fat-reduced cocoa powder, sunflower oil, humectant (glycerol), coconut oil, emulsifier (soy lecithins), raising agent (sodium carbonates), natural flavourings, salt

With sweeteners.

Nutrition facts per 100g per 50g
Energy 1892 kJ / 453 kcal 946 kJ / 227 kcal
Fat 22g 11g
of which saturated fat 8.4g 4.2g
Carbohydrates 46g 23g
of which sugars 0.1g <0.1g
of which polyols 23g 11g
Fiber 1.9g 1.0g
Protein 26g 13g
Salt 0.78g 0.39g

NOTE: Despite careful monitoring, this product may contain hard pieces of fruits, nuts, etc.. May contain traces of egg, peanuts, nuts and sesame. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you use maltitol?

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol that has almost the exact same properties as sugar, just with way fewer calories. Sugar alcohols occur naturally in fruits and veggies. And unlike sugar, maltitol doesn’t cause cavities. So you get a Protein Cookie that’s deliciously sweet, without all the unpleasantness of sugar. 

Is there really no palm oil in your Protein Cookies?

Unlike conventional protein cookies, our Protein Cookies don't contain any palm oil. Why? It's simple. Palm oil is known to contribute to rainforest destruction in Asia and the loss of countless animal habitats around the world. Our Protein Cookies are still delightfully crumbly thanks to sunflower oil and coconut fat.

Why did you choose wheat protein as your protein source?

Wheat protein is a great source of plant-based protein. It's often used in baked goods because it helps the dough stay nice and strong. It also contributes to the delightful real-cookie mouthfeel.

When should I eat Protein Cookies?

Whenever you feel like something sweet! Achieving specific fitness goals like losing weight or building muscle depends on what your overall daily eating and exercise habits look like.

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